Aeronautical and Industrial Experimental Laboratory

The laboratory specializes in the habitual tests for the more demanding industrial processes. Accredited by NADCAP, ENAC and, by AIRBUS DEFENSE AND SPACE as the Independent Reference Laboratory by the policy CASA 1400-55-FT. Thanks to our mobile laboratory CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES is able to analyze for AIRBUS on the road as well as in our facilities.

The company’s objective is to integrate itself as a valuable asset for our clients. The aeronautical and industrial laboratory relies on the latest equipment and on talented individuals to give a quick and viable analysis regarding QA parameters on industrial physicochemical procedures. From taking samples to the necessary certificate of compatibility.

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The aeronautical and industrial test laboratory at CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES specializes on quality control in the aeronautical field. It was the first independent laboratory in Spain accredited by NADCAP for their Chemical Control Process in the aerospace industry. Likewise, CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES is recognized by ENAC in ISO 17.025, guaranteeing technical competence when conducting critical tests for the manufacturing of aeronautical parts, including critical analysis, such as, accelerated corrosion in chambers of salt spray or the control of fragility by hydrogen, as well as involvement in the aircraft MRO of hydraulic fluids, oils, lubricants, antifreeze and aviation fuels. Likewise, we specialize in quality control tests, for repairs and maintenance of aircraft motors, in thermally-designed plasma coatings and the welding of blades, accredited to perform these tests by NADCAP as a Material Testing Laboratory (NADCAP MTL).

The aeronautical and industrial test laboratory at CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES provides services including material reception testing, quality control of paints, adhesives and sealants, as well as, product and process certification tests such as welding, stapling and sealing.

With offices in Madrid (MRO IBERIA), Seville (PTA Aerópolis), the aeronautical and industrial test laboratory is capable of providing production support by reducing waiting time and managing the needs of quality control of industrial processes; from sampling, certification of conformity the statistical processing of results. With our mobile laboratory we are able to provide results in real time at our client’s facilities as well as in flight lines and Flight Test Centers.

Among the services of the of CANAGROSA LAB & SERVICES aeronautical and industrial laboratory are the following analyzes:

  • Sampling in client and aircraft installations.
  • Chemical analysis of surface treatment tanks.
  • Physical tests of process control, metallographic and hardness (Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Knoop).
  • Climatic tests and accelerated corrosion in a salt spray chamber.
  • Full-scale corrosion tests in components.
  • Quality control tests of paints, sealants and adhesives.
  • Technical testing of materials.
  • Quality control of repairs by thermal projection of coatings by plasma and welds of blades in aviation engines.
  • Analysis of hydraulic fluids, oils, lubricants, antifreeze and aviation fuel.
  • On-site tests with mobile laboratory.