Agri-food and environmental laboratory

CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES has worked with the analysis of agri-food products and environmental control for over 30 years.

It has been one of the top laboratories in quality analysis with sunflower and wheat seeds. Our services cover all the needs of producers, from the analyzes of soils, fertilizers and irrigation water to the quality control of the final or elaborated product.

The analyses of the agri-food and environmental laboratory of CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES are complemented by the analyzes of the waters of industrial discharge, characterization and control of regenerated water and analysis of drinking water.

Among the services of the agricultural and environmental laboratory of CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES are the following tests:

  • Analysis of soils, irrigation water and fertilizers.
  • Analysis of germination and foliar.
  • Analysis of yield of oilseeds.
  • Quality control analysis and bakery quality characterization of wheats.
  • Analysis of processed food products.
  • Analysis of wastewater, regenerated and reused waters.
  • Chemical and microbiological analysis of drinking water.
  • On-site tests with mobile laboratory.