CANAGROSA successfully completes the annual audit of Nadcap-Materials Testing Laboratory, in the laboratory of IBERIA-Engine Maintenance

Accreditation “Nadcap MTL” – Laboratory of Processes and Technologies of IBERIA-MRO

Recently, CANAGROSA Lab&Services, received at its facilities in La Muñoza, Madrid, the follow-up audit of Nadcap-Materials Testing Laboratory. For 4 days CANAGROSA demonstrated the technical capacity necessary to stay certified.

CANAGROSA at the moment, is the internal laboratory for IBERIA-MRO, located in the engine room. With over 15,000 annual trials, among its accreditations, is Nadcap, one of the most important accreditors in the aerospace industry, in 2 of its commodities Chemical Processing and Materials Testing Laboratory.

On May 25, 2017, CANAGROSA received the approval of the Task Group, obtained its new official scope and certificate, available to our customers and suppliers on our website: