Consulting and Training

As special process specialists, we provide consulting, training, technical support and documentary services in the following special processes:

  • QA
  • Sealants and Paints.
  • Chemical Processes and Surface Treatments.
  • REACH Consulting.
  • Metrological Management.
  • Chain of pilot baths and treatments.
  • Anomalies and Failures.
  • Preparation for audits.
  • Technical reception of materials.

CANAGROSA adapts to the needs of its clients, offering its services of Consulting and Training:

  • In Company, CANAGROSA moves to the client’s premises.
  • In CANAGROSA facilities. In its facilities CANAGROSA has areas and audiovisual media specially prepared.
  • Tailor-made. Performing both theory and practice between both facilities.