REACH Consulting

Canagrosa houses a team with a high REACH training, both documentary and practical, offering experience in implantations, in small, medium and large companies.

Canagrosa provides support and advice to companies that are affected by the REACH Regulation (chromium phase-out), offering a high added value thanks to their great experience as Industrial Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Tests.

Among the services include the following points:

  • Previous study of the Company: defining the obligations in REACH and CLP.
  • Inventory review of substances and mixtures: analyzing the products that each company buys, manufactures and delivers in a particular way.
  • Classification and Notification according to CLP: Notification to the Agency of the new Classification and Labeling.
  • Substances records: preparation and submission to ECHA of technical dossiers (preparation of information on the properties, classification and uses of the substance + Guide on safe use).
  • Study and management of the necessary analyzes to determine classification (if necessary):
  • Canagrosa has a laboratory specialized in sampling.
  • Notification Tracking at ECHA: Canagrosa remains alert in ECHA’s ongoing updates.
  • REACH training: we offer REACH training courses specialized in the specific casuistry of each company.

To achieve a successful implementation Canagrosa has adequate computer tools that facilitate the development of the activities described above.

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