There are products that are difficult or cumbersome to get in the required quantities and formats. Other substances, as in the case of the chemical conversion film, need very specific storage conditions and have a relatively short life.

From CANAGROSA we ensure the availability of the precise material in the right place and time, certified and in perfect condition for immediate use. Chemical conversion film, materials for efficiency checks – test pieces, test strips, etc.

CANAGROSA locates the most suitable product, stores it in the optimal conditions for its conservation and delivers it in the quantities and terms required, with the corresponding quality certifications.

Commonly supplied products:

Chemical conversion film:

  • Producer in discrete quantities.
  • Complete kits.

Aircraft chemicals. Materials for Efficacy Controls:

  • ISO / SCOTCH tape for adhesion tests.
  • Rollers for adhesion tests.
  • Seal saturation test solution.
  • Palladium drop test solution.
  • Probes for testing.
  • Test tubes for sustained load tests.
  • Testing probes for sealant applicators and fuel tanks.
  • etc

On the other hand, CANAGROSA, is at the forefront of technology, it is capable of supplying the equipment and laboratory equipment of the highest range that best suits the needs of the client.

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