CANAGROSA LAB & SERVICES is aware of the importance of being always oriented towards the future. The same that its clients contemplate: competitiveness, environmental sustainability and technological innovation. That is why we reserve an important part of our energy and human resources for development and innovation.

In the design of our facilities, we have sought maximum versatility, reserving part of the existing layout for the development of research projects that require temporary facilities.

CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES not only carries out research in its facilities, it considers R&D as a fundamental part of the process, both with the client and with academic forums where avant-garde research is carried out, creating knowledge interconnections of great strategic value.

Currently, CANAGROSA participates in the MIPLASCOE project:

Description Development of new biopolymers from agro-industrial byproducts for applications in the railway and packaging sector
Duration 01/07/2016 – 12/31/2018
Funding Entity Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. (ERDF Interconnection Program)
Help Line / No. File ERDF Program Interconnects ITC-20161167
Coordinator / Participants J. Garcia Carrión, Agrocode, Plastipak, AZVI, CANAGROSA LAB & SERVICES, Linsaplast, AIMPLAS, FIFUS (University of Seville) and Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Summary of project MIPLASCOE has as main objective the manufacture of elements for the railway and packaging industry, from bioplastics produced by polymerization of monomers obtained by fermentation from waste from the orange juice industry.

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Among the R & D projects implemented by CANAGROSA, there have been:

  • Field Studies for Remote Sensing Systems
  • Repair studies and tests on aircraft and parts:
    • Anti Erosion Painting Repair: HTP Testing
    • Shop Trials A400M Final Painting Process-adherence Tests.
    • Evaluation of areas with lack of coating: Plane C-295

In line with its more specialized tests, CANAGROSA also studies the compatibility of different types of paints to be applied in aeronautical projects of the latest generation:

  • Compatibility Study between EADS-CASA paint Scheme and final external protection for F7X Program. Metallic and Carbon Fiber Paints.
  • Compatibility Paint Tests for MRTT Program
  • Compatibility study and implementation of low content schemes in Cr6 +: External Paint Schemes for Airbus Military Products. Compatibility Tests

Additionally, plans of Qualification Test are also carried out:

  • Surface protection of sealant
  • Semi-Finished Parts
  • Hocut 795 SB
  • Alodine Pen 1132
  • Surfatec 650 Chromital
  • Alodine 1200 L

CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES has also studied applications and surface treatments of low pollutant and with high efficiency against corrosion, looking for more competitive production processes. For this purpose, an experimental plant has been designed and built, in which we investigate the improvement of the efficiency of anodizing processes in pieces with irregular morphology.

Project included in FP7:

  • Chromium Removal in Manufacturing Processes (TSA)

Finally, within the new research areas of the company, CANAGROSA LAB&SERVICES is part of several consortia for participation in European R & D projects, focused on the search for new bio-materials. Both projects have been supported by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the IDEA Agency:

Experimental development of transformation processes of lignocellulosic biomass and other carbon sources in various Bioproducts in Sustainable Andalusia.

Production of advanced biopolymers from waste

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