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Canagrosa provides its first course on Materials Technical Reception in aerospace.

The company, as an industrial laboratory of reference, has organized its first edition of the course on materials technical reception in the aerospace sector. The event took place at the corporate headquarters located in the Aerópolis Technology Park and was attended by about 20 professionals from various companies in the Andalusian aerospace sector.

The course, consisting of 20 training hours, was developed in 4 days, addressing issues of vital importance for the process of aerospace materials reception. Among the aspects covered were:

  1. Quality Standards in the Reception of Materials Process for Airbus Defence & Space Suppliers: Participants acquired key knowledge on the quality standards required in the materials reception process, which is fundamental to guarantee excellence in the supply chain.

  2. Metallic Materials Knowledge: In-depth study of metallic materials used in the aerospace industry, providing attendees with a detailed understanding of their properties and applications.

  3. Technical Reception Testing of Metallic Materials: The course provided a detailed overview of the tests and trials necessary to verify the quality and conformity of the metallic materials received, ensuring their suitability for use in manufacturing and/or assembly processes.

  4. Sealants and Paints for Aeronautical Use: Relevant aspects of this type of materials were addressed, highlighting their key characteristics in the reception processes.

From this site, Canagrosa wishes to express its most sincere gratitude to the companies and participants who made possible the development of this course, demonstrating their commitment, willingness and good work during the course. Likewise, we encourage those interested to be attentive to new editions of this and other similar courses that Canagrosa will offer in the near future.

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