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Quality Engineering & Training

More than 30 years of experience in the management and support of industrial processes.

We provide consultancy services and technical and documentation support.

We adapt to our client’s needs for the design and development of special processes, testing, technical advice and documentation studies for the achievement of certifications and accreditations.

CANAGROSA offers in depth knowledge and proven experience for the theoretical and practical training of technicians in industrial processes and certifications.

Quality Engineering

CANAGROSA is specialised in carrying out periodic controls and tests on parts and specimens programmed to verify the efficiency of the industrial process applied, offering comprehensive management that includes planning the tests in accordance with the applicable regulations and sampling by specialised personnel.


Development of projects for the design of special processes, design of test plans or documental study and technical advice for obtaining certifications and accreditations.

  • Development of new processes
  • Support for certification of processes and products
  • Anomalies and failures
  • REACH consultancy
  • Quality audits

CANAGROSA advises clients on the configuration of customized testing campaigns.

We offer a comprehensive service of design, execution, monitoring and evaluation focused on achieving the objectives of each project.

We comply with the most demanding quality standards.


On-site services, where we feature the comprehensive management of internal laboratories and production quality controls.

Specialised personnel on site at the client's facilities, providing support in the planning, execution and evaluation of control activities.

Comprehensive management of internal control laboratory personnel and equipment.


Strategic ally to obtain the necessary certifications or accreditations to start activities in a sector or final client.

  • Facilities
  • Processes
  • Technical personnel


CANAGROSA offers the most up-to-date practical and theoretical training required for the different industrial processes and certifications, as well as content related to testing, metrology or quality control.


    • Heat treatments
    • Sealants and paints
    • Composite Electrical Task Group
    • Mechanical assembly
    • Foundry and forgings
    • Metrology and measurement
    • Anomalies and faults
    • Welding
    • Chemical processes



    In addition to the theoretical sessions, our training programme can include practical sessions to apply the acquired knowledge or "on the job training".


    We offer the most efficient training methods to fit the client's needs, in terms of time and cost per employee.


    We design the training courses according to the time and specialisation required by each client.

Our certificates and accreditations

The excellence and quality of the services provided by Canagrosa are guaranteed by the most demanding certifications and accreditations in the industrial sector, as well as by the specific approvals of the major aeronautical companies.

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