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Laboratory Consumables & Certified Products

Comprehensive management for the manufacture and supply of test panels and samples, certified products and prepared solutions.

Panels and specimens for product certification tests, R&D projects or control of surface treatment tank lines.

Distribution of products, special materials and prepared solutions. Paints, sampling equipment, chemical conversion coating solutions and other chemical products.

Panels and samples for testing

It is fundamental and critical to guarantee the quality of the materials used to carry out certification tests, control of manufacturing batches, R&D projects or control of surface treatment tank lines.

Given these circumstances, CANAGROSA takes full responsibility for the whole process of supplying aluminium, steel and titanium panels and test samples; guaranteeing the purchase and/or manufacture of the ideal material, accrediting its quality and useful life.






Special products and ready-made solutions

CANAGROSA manufactures and distributes certified products and materials which, due to their characteristics, requirements or conservation conditions, can be called special or critical.

We take responsibility for the whole process, from the sourcing of the ideal supplier, storage, certification and delivery in the required quantity and time.

Chemical conversion coatings

Chemical products

Certified products

FAL & MRO chemical solutions

Testing equipment

Our certificates and accreditations

The excellence and quality of the services provided by Canagrosa are guaranteed by the most demanding certifications and accreditations in the industrial sector, as well as by the specific approvals of the major aeronautical companies.

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