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Metrological calibration

Advanced laboratory with ENAC accreditation.

ENAC 222/LC10176 SCOPE

Comprehensive management of +30,000 equipment & tools /year.

Comprehensive management

Ensuring the traceability and proper functioning of both tools and measuring equipment is key to guaranteeing production and associated quality control, avoiding non-quality problems and unnecessary interruptions in production.

Canagrosa offers its clients an Integral Metrological Management turnkey service that includes an advanced calibration laboratory accredited by ENAC for ISO/IEC 17.025.

ENAC 222/LC10176 SCOPE

  • Control of calibration deadlines
  • Evaluation of collaborating laboratories
  • Calibration planning
  • Calibration certificate conformity assessment
  • Equipment logistics service
  • Equipment repair management
  • Advice on the acquisition of new equipment
  • Adjustment of equipment as required
  • Support for specific software audits
  • Management of the calibration of any type of equipment

Metrology laboratory


  • Plain Plug Gauges
  • Cylindrical Setting Standards
  • Thickness sheets
  • Vernier caliper
  • Mechanical and electronic comparators
  • Thickness gauges
  • Micrometers
  • Check rods
  • Angle protractors
  • Squares
  • Crimp Tools
  • Sieves
  • Rivet Templates
  • ...

    DC and Low Frequency Electricity

    • Conductivity meters and metal conductivity working standards
    • Clamp meters
    • Multimeters, amperimeters, voltmeters and ohmmeters
    • Power sources
    • Data acquisition systems
    • Process calibrators
    • Resistors, Resistance decade boxes
    • Dual Zone Hot Bonder

      Temperature and Humidity

      • Thermometers
      • Data loggers (data logger), temperature and humidity
      • Thermohygrometers
      • Relative humidity hygrometers
      • Temperature indicators for type T, J, K y N base metal thermocouple sensor
      • Ovens and furnaces
      • Temperature controlled baths
      • Refrigerators and freezers

        Mass, Force, Torque and Load Tests

        • Fixed and mobile weighing systems
        • Scales, single plate scales, analytical and precision balances
        • Weighing hook
        • Torque meters
        • Screwdrivers
        • Force transducers
        • Torque testers
        • Ground payload tests
        • Load testing slings and trolleys


        • Pressure gauges in nitrogen, oil and air
        • Pressure transducers


        • Rockwell hardness testers
          UNE-EN ISO 6508-2 (indirect method)
          ASTM E 18 (indirect method)

        Other Tests

        • Density meters
        • pH meters
        • Fluid conductivity meters
        • Viscosity cups
        • Chronometers
        • Contact insertion tool

          Our certificates and accreditations

          The excellence and quality of the services provided by Canagrosa are guaranteed by the most demanding certifications and accreditations in the industrial sector, as well as by the specific approvals of the major aeronautical companies.

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