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We resume the PRI Training classroom courses

After the effects of the pandemic, CANAGROSA is once again hosting the only official and face-to-face PRI Training courses organized in Spain for the preparation of Nadcap audits.

During the first week of November 2022, we developed in our facilities in Seville, the introductory course to pyrometry PRI Training. This specialized training has also served to analyze and share the concerns of the attendees about the new changes introduced in the latest edition of the AMS 2750 standard, pyrometry specification of reference for Nadcap and the entire aviation industry.

The 16-hour course included an overview of the key changes between revision F and G, delving into the current pyrometry requirements for heat treatment equipment in the aerospace industry, essential to ensure that parts or raw materials are heat treated in accordance with the applicable specification(s).

This pyrometry training, aimed at quality managers, maintenance personnel and pyrometry technicians; is ideal for professionals looking to evidence continuous professional development or prepare for a "PRI Qualification" (formerly "eQualified") assessment. In this edition, 10 people participated, to whom we are extremely grateful for their proactivity and exceptional knowledge of pyrometry fundamentals.

The PRI Training courses organized in CANAGROSA are the only official Nadcap audit preparation courses and are a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with other aerospace professionals with similar interests and projects.