Canagrosa to continue in Nadcap's "Merit" program

Since 2009 we have complied with zero non-conformities in all Nadcap audits performed in the analysis and testing laboratory.

A few weeks ago, Nadcap performed in Canagrosa's facilities in Seville, the Chemical Processes (CP) audit as an independent laboratory. Thanks to all the company's team for their professionalism in the methodology, knowledge and application of the processes; we obtained ZERO non-conformities.

Nadcap is an accreditation scheme created by and exclusively for the aerospace industry, with very high standards and supported by the main OEMs.
In 2006 we were the first independent laboratory accredited by Nadcap in Spain, and since 2009, we have kept the non-conformities to zero in all these audits that are performed every year in the Analysis and Testing Laboratory. This laboratory, from the beginning, is a fundamental part of our services to the industry, so the result of this last audit, certifies two corporate objectives.

On the one hand, it guarantees our permanence in Nadcap's "Merit" program. A seal that recognizes the good performance of the laboratory and the confidence of its subscribers in Canagrosa. And on the other hand, it confirms the path of excellence we have followed, proving the commitment of the entire company to quality and the requirements of all our customers.